We consider the Locksmithing profession to be an important one

One aspect of our service is to help keep your premises secure from break-ins. We can assist you after you have experienced a break-in, but we would prefer to help you prevent the break-in in the first place.

We offer a range of products and services to help secure homes, businesses and more. We keep up to date on trends in the security world by reading trade magazines and maintaining membership in Locksmith associations. The entire Locksmith profession is focused on protecting and securing the property and safety of the public.

We are Locksmiths.

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Journaling can clear your writers block


Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Think journaling is old fashioned? Think again. Are you having a hard time getting started on your article writing? Combine writers block with journaling to spark your article writing frenzy.

Journaling is a powerful tool for brainstorming ideas, keeping your writing skills sharp, and for storing ideas and notes for future article pieces. To make the most of your journal, I suggest the following 4 tips to all article writers, beginning through advanced.

The ultimate guide to deadbolts


Orangeville, ON (James Doan) A deadbolt lock cannot be moved to the open position from the outside except by rotating the lock cylinder with the key.

A deadbolt can be either single cylinder or double cylinder. A single cylinder deadlock has a key cylinder on one side of the lock, but is operated by a thumbturn on the other side. Double cylinder locks have a key cylinder on both sides.

Attending a scale model show


Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Part of the fun of scale modelling is the chance to attend a model show. You will find many others who share an interest with you and this is an opportunity to develop new contacts.

When you attend a local or national model show, here are some points to consider to allow you to get more enjoyment out of the event.

Socializing your Golden Retriever


Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Socializing your Golden Retriever is very important. As you may already know, all dog breeds behave different in front of strangers, with some dogs choosing to ignore people altogether. They may choose to glance at someone, then go on to pay no attention to him. On the other hand, some dogs are the total opposite and love to meet everyone they can. These types of dogs love attention, and will take any attention they can get.

Who is carrying your keys?


Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) You’ve probably seen dozens of keys that bear the inscription, “IT IS UNLAWFUL TO DUPLICATE THIS KEY”. You might even carry a couple yourself. Now, I’ll disabuse you of the warm and fuzzy feeling that legend might give you.

Did you know your bicycle regulations?


Primrose, ON (OPP – Dufferin Detachment) The Dufferin Detachment would like to remind cyclists of following regulations as set out in Highway Traffic Act relating to Bicycles:

Capitol Industries introduces pick-proof magnetic cam lock


Montreal, QC (Capitol Industries Inc.) Picking, freezing, copying, contamination. No problem for Capitol’s Magnetic Cam Lock. With no teeth to damage or keyholes to jam up, the key can’t be copied and will never break inside the lock. Priced competitively, the new magnetic cam lock can’t be picked and has over 1,500 magnetic combinations.